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I made a research about chores and cleaning habits in families and households. So the concept was to design a brush that reflects to the roles of family members in cooperation works and in division of chores. The brush is concentrates to this situatuion and invites the family members to a playful and interactive cooperation. The final plan is dedicated to follow through the family meals.



So I designed a CRUMB-BRUSH as a multifunctional brush-system. By taking apart the round shapes they functions as pot holders, and at the end of the meal gets its main role as separate Crumb-Brushes, giving an intaractiv activity to the whole family as a game. After taking away the pots, by a circular motion with just one or two moves we can clean all the crumbs from the table to the main and biggest holder unit – to the vane. At the same time it gets it is standby position.. and just one last circular move to empty the whole brush and the pot holder system.